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Bob Warren
by Bob Warren
Fretboard Spider
Favorites: A thumbnail gallery with access to my favorite creations.
Originals: A thumbnail gallery of the original images with access to larger versions.
Chess Spider
Random: A thumbnail gallery of ten randomly chosen images from among my  Challenge responses.
Fairwell Portrait
Latest: The most recent challenge image & thumbnail access to my images.
The Photoshop Elements Challenge was hosted by Grant Dixon from 2003 to 2008 and offered people of a variety of skill levels a weekly image for artistic exploration. Frequented by members of the Adobe Photoshop Elements Forum and Elements Village, it presented their interpretations of the original image. Participants varied widely in their degree of experience and artistic ability, but managed to produce unique, beautiful and provoking images every week.

These pages present my own efforts over the course of the Challenge along with some comments on how I came up with the idea for each image and how I made it. You can browse through them a number of ways. Start with a gallery of my favorites, or see what I did with a particular original. You can also view a random gallery of ten of my images and then look at the originals and my commentary. I've also added a Themes thumbnail gallery with images organized by holiday.

I've added reviews of some Photoshop books I've found useful. If you have suggestions for other material or techniques, let me know.

I hope you enjoy the images. I'm always interested in what others think of my efforts. If you have a comment, please e-mail me.

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